3 Useful Questions About Your Relationships

How we relate to ourselves is a reflection of how we relate to others. In the same way, analyzing our relationships gives us much information about us . So, for this exercise, today we propose some useful questions about your relationships.

Answering the right questions about your relationships and analyzing the answers can give you very valuable information . Insecure people, those who value themselves little, those who are afraid of loneliness or those who need to feel needy, all of them attract and tolerate unhealthy relationships.

That is, the relationships you choose and tolerate are partly a reflection of yourself . If your friends, your work colleagues or the people around you usually cancel the plans with you at the last minute, they forget you to participate in certain events, they usually make discouraging criticisms about you, maybe you should start asking yourself what happens in the background.

Tolerance to bad relationships

One of the causes that cause us to prolong bad relationships, toxic friendships or couples who do not appreciate us is that we settle for less than we deserve . A resignation based on three pillars

  • Low self – esteem . When our self-esteem is low, we tend to soften “bad treatment.” In reality, this hides an irrational belief that we don’t deserve better.
  • The fear of loneliness . Tolerating the poor behavior of the people around us may also be due to fear of abandonment, of ceasing to belong to a group, to loneliness and isolation .
  • Need to be needed . This is a characteristic of many people who are not even aware of it. When you feel the recurring need to feel needed by others, you often have to ask yourself if this is the only way you can feel valued.

Useful questions about your relationships

There are three key questions to analyze the relationship we have with other people. This is a quick emotional inventory that will tell you exactly in what situation you are with someone and if it is time to move on without them.

Does this person inspire me?

This is one of the smartest most useful questions we can ask ourselves about our relationship with others. There are people who inspire us to be better, encourage us to move forward and give us a light feeling after spending time with them.

The people who inspire us are always added values ​​in our lives. It also means that you are a person who does not suffer from envy easily, you know how to see the best of each and that you work on your own personal growth .

Does this person exhaust me?

On the contrary, there are people who exhaust us physically and mentally . Emotional vampires that use others to unload all their emotional discomfort. They spread their fears, thoughts and frustrations .

There is nothing wrong with leaning on others in a timely manner. However, if this becomes a custom, perhaps it is time to ask ourselves if we have the need to save others .

Do I feel valued with this person?

This question is actually a scale of our own self-esteem . Feeling valued by the people around us is the best way to see how far and how much they love us for who we are and who we are worth.

Look inside: useful questions about your relationships

If we are able to answer these three questions in the affirmative with all the people around us, we will most likely enjoy good relationships. People who bring you, value you and love you for who you are. If, on the other hand, some of them cannot be answered clearly, stop for a moment and think if you are valuing yourself enough and what is the real reason why you keep that person in your life .

Our relationships with the people around us should be a constant source of inspiration and the place where one can always go and feel good . If, on the contrary, our friendships often make us feel little appreciated, ask yourself why you allow that to happen.