7 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

There are people who, despite the fact that things are going badly, always keep going. No matter how complicated the present may seem because they know that better times will come. The other day, in a Spanish television program, I heard the famous actor Antonio Banderas tell an anecdote about these types of people.

The Malaga explained that one day an individual approached him to congratulate him at the Oscars celebration party and said: “Do you know who I am?” Banderas did not know him, so the boy told him that he was the founder of “Uber”, one of the most successful companies in recent years, ”and confessed that he had fallen over and over again before winning and that, before that everything went well, he owed a lot of money. That boy never lost hope and moved on despite the failures.

Characteristics of mentally strong people

Unfortunately, not everyone has that triumphant mentality, and most people fall apart at the first exchange rate. In addition, the years of the “welfare society” that have been experienced in Europe and in several developed countries, have created mentally weak young people, who want everything served and who do not have a resilient mentality.

Now, the economic crisis has forced many people to wake up and change the way they think. Because a weak mentality not only does not allow us to succeed but also causes serious emotional problems in different fields of our lives.

But what characterizes mentally strong people? What do mentally weak people do wrong? We will explain it to you below.

  • They are emotionally intelligent
    Many studies on emotional intelligence have been carried out in the last decade, and it seems that this type of intelligence is the key to a strong mentality. Emotional intelligence helps people to get to know each other better, to interact more efficiently, to remain calm in difficult situations, to be more realistic, more productive, to maintain emotional balance, to be more prepared for change, and so on. . Unfortunately, not everyone is emotionally intelligent, which negatively affects their psychological well-being.
  • They are compassionate with themselves and accept themselves as they are
    They constantly repeat to us that we have to forgive others, but we tend to be very hard on ourselves. Mentally strong people are compassionate with themselves and they want whatever happens. And, of course, being compassionate with oneself also includes self-acceptance. Doing things wrong once in a while is part of life, there is no one who does everything perfectly.

  • They trust themselves
    People with a strong mentality trust themselves, and this allows them to overcome most of the challenges that are proposed. People with a high level of self-confidence may not always achieve their goals, but never give up. This confidence in their own capacity helps them not to fall apart in the face of failure and move forward in the fulfillment of their own goals and objectives.
  • See learning failures
    And of course these people sometimes fail, like everyone else. But mentally strong people are aware that it is possible to fail and think that there is no choice: Keep going! Mentally strong people learn from their failures, which allows them to grow.
  • Do not give importance to what others think of them- We all like others to like each other, but this is not always possible. The psychological wear and tear of constantly thinking about what others think of oneself can be mentally exhausting. Mentally strong people do not waste time with these kinds of thoughts, and follow their path faithful to their style.

  • They know how to fit the criticisms
    We all receive criticism from time to time, some may be constructive and others have no foundation. Mentally strong people accept constructive criticism and use them to learn. In addition, other criticisms are not taken as personal, so they are not important.
  • They know who they are and where they want to go
    Who I am? It is one of those existential questions that, if we do not know how to answer, can become an obstacle when it comes to achieving our goals and being happy. Mentally strong people are not afraid to answer that question and know who they are. They also have a path they want to follow and are constantly moving, which keeps them motivated even though, from time to time, they have to change course.