Being Aware Wntails Pain and a Liberating Awakening

Consciousness is like the movement of thought where will, desire, emotions, and feelings are generated. Being aware entails pain so that is something we avoid, it means seeing ourselves face to face with ourselves. With what we don’t want to see, we reject and it bothers us about others.

The problems we are experiencing are not separated from us, we are in fact the problem itself. The problems exist when one does not know himself. They arise from our lack of understanding of our conscious and unconscious. The awakening of consciousness
Waking up to our conscience consists in starting a process, in which we are going to feel uncomfortable; since we will have to get away from all our preconceived ideas and beliefs, doing a relearned to expand our mentality, our perspectives and beliefs.

Our ego, conformed by pride and all our childhood behaviors as adults, represents the prison from which we find it very difficult to leave. We believe we are free and we believe that we decide at all times about what we want to do, however, we are slaves of our lack of awareness and clarity to know ourselves .

Consciousness and clarity, in the beginning, entails pain since we remove everything we have been avoiding seeing . We see the damage we have done to ourselves and others, and our lack of responsibility to address all that have been consequences of our attitude and our thoughts.

Take responsibility for who we are
It is much simpler, without a doubt, to remain in ignorance of who we are . It is what we get used to, and in this way we act by blaming others and the circumstances of everything that happens in our lives. Without even questioning our attitude or our thoughts about what we live.

When we are really willing to take responsibility for our lives, it is when the awareness process begins . Facing the recognition of our fears, our difficulties, emotions ; our limits, way of relating, prejudices, beliefs and behavior patterns.

The entire repertoire of which we are part, of how we relate to ourselves and others; thus identifying with everything we do, as something of ours, especially what affects us and is painful.

This process is not something theoretical, but something experiential, in which we settle in our present , accepting and integrating our entire repertoire of current behaviors. Thus leaving our comfort zone, and the childish attitude that makes us incoherent and irresponsible to the circumstances that are presented to us.

Being aware makes us free
In this awakening of the consciousness that brings pain , especially at the beginning of the process, is when we approach all our aspects, considering our lights and our shadows. Integrating our entire repertoire to allow us to be who we really are, and understand each other better.

Many times it is life’s own situations, which face us before circumstances and stages in which we find ourselves unable to move forward and resolve our conflicts. The difficult stages that arise in our lives are those that lead us to begin the process of awareness .

By becoming aware of ourselves we free ourselves from our repressions; of the guilt that torments us, and of the toxic conflicts in our relationship with others and ourselves. Learning to differentiate what depends on us and it is our responsibility. Committing to our care and well-being.