Best Accessories for Baker You Must Have in the Kitchen

If you are a serious baker, you gotta be serious when it comes to accessories. Do not adjust with other alternatives, as it can become a huge mistake. Everything has a place of its own. Therefore, everything must be kept in their own place no matter what the subject is. There are many amazing brands creating baking accessories. Different companies provide items of different quality. In my opinion, Wilton is the best brand. But it is not available in India. But you can buy their products from Amazon. Now, let’s see the essential items.

Microwave oven: This is a very handy tool in the kitchen. I cannot imagine what would I have done without them. You can heat up things real fast and also melt chocolates, prepare ganaches and obviously bake cakes with them.

Electric hand mixer: This is also an important tool to have. To beat creams, eggs etc. you need them, as you need them to be in the right consistency. This tool will save you a lot of time.

Electric weighing scale: To get the accurate measurement of your ingredients, you do need one. As baking is all about science, measurements need to be accurate.

Offset spatulas: This is an important tool used for frosting cakes. Different sizes are available and each of them function differently.

Measuring spoons and cups: Some recipes are given in cups and tablespoons. This tool will help you in that.

Turntable: This will really help you in turning the cakes while frosting it.

Cake tins: You might need cake tins of different sizes for different uses. 6″, 8″ and 9″ will be the most useful sizes.

Cupcake moulds: If you have leftover batters, then pour it in your cupcake moulds. This will help you save your batter.

These are some of the most important tools a baker must have. These tools will make your life a lot easier.