Do you Know The new Arts in the World?

There is a whole set of new arts that respond to these enormous cultural changes that we have experienced in recent decades . It is good to know them or keep them in mind, since as spectators we can see in them the new forms of expression and as producers they constitute new ways to explore creativity.

Art is one of those resources that we have within reach to get to know , express and renew ourselves . There are many studies that show the potential of art in personal well-being. Ideally, each and every one of us should include in his life a space for artistic creation.

On the subject of art, the important thing is not the results , but the practice itself. It is clear that not all of us can be great artists, nor do we create works to exhibit them or make them known in a massive way. The essential thing is that we use the practice as a space of expression, either in the framework of classical arts or in the world of new arts.

Classical arts

The classical arts are those that were configured since ancient times and that have traditionally accompanied man and societies throughout history .

Almost all of them have a remote past and are there practically since the human being exists. At first they were very associated with the magical and then gained autonomy.

The six classical arts are the following:

  • Painting . It is perhaps the first art form that emerged in humanity. It basically consists of representing reality graphically, through the use of figures and / or colors, on a solid support.
  • Sculpture . It is also an ancient art, which has to do with the molding of materials to build figures that represent the world, either in a concrete or abstract way.
  • Music . It appears early in history, imitating the sounds of nature. In principle it had an exclusively ritual purpose. It has to do with the production of harmonic sounds, by voice or some instrument.
  • Dance . It also has a ritual origin and in this case the vehicle of expression is the body itself, which harmonizes with the rhythm of the music. At first the theater was part of the dance, but then became independent of them.
  • Architecture . It has to do with the construction of buildings that fulfill an aesthetic purpose. It is also one of the oldest arts, since there are ritual buildings dating back several thousand years.
  • Literature . It is a later type of art, which first began as oral narration and then moved to the plane of the writing.

The cinema is considered the seventh art . It only emerged until the twentieth century and, in one way or another, brings together all the other arts. You can say that he is the pioneer of the new arts in the world.

The new arts

Urban life, technology and new ways of feeling have changed the landscape . Some of the new arts in the world are the following:

  • Photography . Photography is one of the new arts that has become more popular. It is defined as the art of painting with light, through a device called a camera.
  • Circo . The talents that are exhibited in the circus and the new ways of presenting this show have made it an art by itself. It belongs to the arts of the show and combines theater, music and dance.
  • Gastronomy . Cooking is an activity that can reach enormous levels of complexity. It is also a form of individual and social expression, which is why it is considered one of the new arts.
  • Comics and comics . It combines painting, literature and cinema to offer a new way of expression, which began with the development of print. There is a subgenre that is becoming very important: the graphic novel.
  • New visual arts . Within the new arts there are several forms of expression that are located within the plastic arts. Digital art, graffiti , new media art , multimedia, interactive and electronic art, as well as interventions in public space are considered developments in painting and sculpture.

The new arts emerged as a response to these changes in the way of perceiving, feeling and expressing the world . Although they do not have the tradition of the previous ones, they are equally valid.