Does emotional infidelity hurt more than physical betrayal?

Emotional infidelity is becoming a common phenomenon. This type of deception has its most recurrent scenario in the virtual universe, where messages flow in secret and between emojis, sailing in the ocean of complicity that transcends the physical and that, however, erects a deep and even obsessive bond.

What hurts most, a physical betrayal or an emotional betrayal? Scientific research tells us that it is men who think that sexual unhappiness is, in fact, the most serious.

Both they and they seem to agree that when a person with a partner “knocks on another door” to share thoughts, desires or needs, there is something wrong with that relationship. Also, if this is maintained over time, it is very likely that sooner or later the first physical friction and, little by little, sexual infidelity will arise.

Be that as it may, the fact is that effective deception is increasingly frequent thanks to new technologies. Sometimes, it arises by chance, destiny is capricious and connects us almost without knowing how with someone new that brings us its fresh air and closeness.

That fun and the friendly friendship ends up drawing something more day by day; always on low heat, word by word, gesture by gesture and message by message

Almost without us noticing, that friend or that friend becomes not only indispensable but also ends up becoming the object of more than one fantasy and one desire …

Emotional infidelity, a cost for both parties
We know, emotional infidelity is not something new. Now, to better understand its significance, it would be appropriate to try to explain what exactly we mean when we talk about emotional betrayal.

It is important to clarify it, because although it is true that no one has a problem in identifying infidelity, the same does not happen when we refer to the emotional level.

This type of infidelity occurs when we establish a bond with someone who is always emotionally accessible to us (and vice versa). What does this mean? It implies, for example, that we can talk to him or her about important, sensitive or very intimate topics without any barrier. And, more importantly, that communication is constant.

It also means that this person suddenly becomes the cardinal point with whom we need to talk when anything happens to us. We prioritize it ahead of our partner when sharing good news, fears or concerns.
It is clear that this type of dynamics can also occur in any friendly relationship. However, there are nuances that differentiate them. One of them is that, suddenly, we are forced to lie or hide certain aspects to our partner (conversations, timeshares or meetings with that person …)
On the other hand, in the emotional infidelity, there is another remarkable fact: we fantasize about that special friend. Our mind cannot avoid recreating itself in certain scenes, in giving free rein to desires through imagination.

What hurts most, physical betrayal or emotional infidelity?– It is very common to put on the table the eternal question of: “And you who would hurt more sexual or emotional betrayal?” . Now, in reality, both realities are equally harmful and painful. The two constitute an attack on the commitment to the couple.

However, and here comes a detail that we must underline, while in sexual betrayal one knows perfectly well that the couple is deceived, in emotional infidelity the same does not happen.

There are those who justify the absence of sex to convince themselves that there is no betrayal and, therefore, this type of affair that seems “innocent and innocuous” can lengthen quite a bit in time.