Every Crisis a New Opportunity

That life can be very difficult at certain times? If true. And do not feel alone, because, to the challenge of overcoming the obstacles that are presented to us, we all face each day. Without exception. The important thing is to be able to place ourselves in front of any conflict with energy and optimism, understanding that we are beings endowed with intelligence to propose alternative solutions. Because all of them is a new opportunity.

Being well with ourselves, the perception of the world around us tends to be positive. However, frustrations or traumatic experiences can sometimes distort our reality negatively. This can become cyclical and lead to a great emotional burden, to the point where we find the dilemma of how to handle so much “information” accumulated.

Have you ever felt lost, without finding meaning in life? Have you seen yourself at times trapped in vicious circles or recurring situations? Well, do not look for solutions outside because you can find within yourself all the answers you are looking for. Keep these points in mind to take advantage of the crises that will give you a new opportunity.

From the moment you get up, repeat this statement or something similar, as many times as necessary. In this way you will be giving other information to your brain, helping your neurons create another type of connection between them. Remember, you are the only one who can change your own reality. This is a new opportunity.

Dare to change- Take this moment to renew yourself. Try those activities that you always had in mind to do: take painting classes, get to know another destination, buy yourself a good book and study on that topic that you like so much, etc.

What have you been putting off for a long time? And if this, precisely this, was the right time to pamper yourself and please yourself, fulfilling that desire?

Prevents falling into vices- Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or overfeeding are some of the vices that we are prone to during a depressive stage. We must avoid them! These undesirable habits will only, in the long run, be able to further feed the negative state and, later, generate feelings of guilt. We must face the problems and be aware that the excesses are an evasion mechanism that moves us away from the solution.

Seek professional help- when we have difficulties with digestion, the ideal is to go to the gastroenterologist. If we suffer a migraine, a neurology specialist can help us identify where the discomfort comes from.

The truth is that just as we request medical assistance every time we feel physically ill, when we are immersed in harmful internal states, difficult to handle, it is best to seek professional assistance by consulting a psychologist.

Overcome the crisis- Everyone manifests their internal discomforts in different ways, although it is common to feel nostalgic, disinterested, sad or exhausted. Despite the fatigue, it should be understood that “no difficulty can be solved with crossed arms.” The will is essential to overcome these situations … We need to put all the interest on our part to learn from each situation, to extract the wisdom of each crisis.

If this is the attitude with which we face life, each difficulty will be nothing more than a “trampoline” that can propel us as high as we can imagine…

Each crisis is a new opportunity to change what we had been postponing, to take action, to make decisions … In short, to get out of our comfort zone. Change the perspective you have about crises. Take them as a new opportunity that gives you life.