Intimate Communication, The Key to Deep Relationships

Human beings are constantly sending us messages, although sometimes we are not aware of it . Now, if we want to establish deep relationships, it is essential to have intimate communication.

Through this article we tell you what this type of communication is about, and why we can get powerful connections through it. In addition, we will see in which relationships there may be intimate communication. Let’s go deeper!

What is intimate communication?

When we talk about intimate communication, we refer to that information that we convey assertively and that allows us to share with the other very personal information, with which we can be very vulnerable.

In many cases, in addition, intimate communication carries with it effective communication, which positively affects the areas in which we operate. Some skills available to people who communicate intimately are:

  • Listens. It is about going beyond hearing, that is, doing it, but with awareness .
  • Express. What we feel, considering the moment, the place and the person.
  • Self-knowledge Getting to know each other will help us know what we want and where we are going, which will influence how we are with others.
  • Empathy. If we don’t put ourselves in the shoes of the other, we will not create a bond of trust that allows the relationship to be deep.
  • Recognize our weaknesses and strengths. To know what resources we have and what we can enhance. Doing so will make the challenge of managing our communication easier so that it becomes increasingly assertive.

Intimate communication, the basis for building healthy relationships

Intimate communication is one of the ingredients that can help us establish healthy relationships. It is because, being assertive, we can also convey the message we really intend to effectively protect our limits to prevent someone from harming us .

On the other hand, when we connect beyond the superficial, we strengthen ties. If we do it following the best for our well-being, through effective communication, the quality of our relationships will improve . On the other hand, with it it will be easier to be alert and not allow toxic relationships .

So, intimate communication is not only about connecting with another person, but also about doing it in confidence. Thus, we add steps for our well-being.

In which relationships can we apply intimate communication?

We could enhance intimate communication with our family. Sometimes we might think that we are born with it, but closeness is not synonymous with this type of communication. Rather, we must build this exchange base step by step, which could result in our link gaining in quality. The other could contribute much more, we could contribute much more to the other.

Also, intimate communication can be applied to relationships . Open ourselves in the emotional plane and do it with confidence. With the faith that we will be heard and, in good part, understood.

In addition, patterns and communication styles as a couple are already being studied; For example, Rozzana Sánchez Aragón and Rolando Días Loving evaluate in their article published in the journal Annals of Psychology, the role of communication in terms of the well-being of the couple.

Another relationship that we can strengthen with this type of communication is friendship. Sometimes it is thought that there are only toxic links at the couple level, but they also exist in this context. Going to deep communication in our friendships will help us strengthen the bond.

Now, there is not only intimate communication in this type of relationship. Also, there are other areas in which they develop; For example, labor. In fact, Enrique Sueiro  emphasizes in his article published in El País, that 60% of business problems are the result of bad communication and that this would change if we go in search of more authentic message transmission, that is, with communication intimate

In sum, intimate communication gives us the opportunity to direct our relationships towards well-being;  It doesn’t matter what the environment is, but the assertiveness, honesty, and care with which we interact. Wonderful, right?