Know your value and don’t settle

Have you ever, in the midst of the daily chaos, of your usual routine, noticed that pinch in the stomach trying to alert you to something?  Perhaps you have ignored it or simply have not understood what I was trying to tell you.

It usually appears at key moments, which require an answer from us. That inner feeling is your body talking to you, asking you not to settle.

Remember the last time your partner disrespected you, that one time a friend betrayed you or that one when you felt they were taking advantage of you at work.

You probably felt the urge to act, to say “enough,” to defend your integrity. However, the fear gripped you and you chose to look away and move on. You settled and noticed it in your body.

Act from fear

We all yearn for success and happiness to be the result of our decisions. We usually have an idea, more or less specific, of what we want and what we don’t.

We want sincere, respectful and balanced relationships both personally and in the workplace . If you ask us, we will choose to feel appreciated and valued by those around us.

However, we rarely encounter unfavorable circumstances and unfair treatment. We feel hurt or despised by the actions of other people, and yet we choose to remain in the same place . What is there, so powerful that it leads us to deprive ourselves of happiness? The answer is clear: fear.

Fear of being rejected, of being abandoned , of being left alone. Fear of not finding a better job, a couple more in line with our desires, more loyal friends.

Leaving those situations would imply jumping into a pool that, we are sure, is empty. We do not trust that there are better opportunities for us because we do not recognize our value.

Recognize your value

«We accept the love we believe we deserve. We have all heard on some occasions this statement. And if we have not undertaken a healing process, it may even sound hard and unreal.

When you find yourself in a conflictive and painful relationship, of any kind, this phrase sounds guilty. How am I going to believe that I deserve this treatment, this indifference and this suffering?

Actually, prayer does not talk about guilt, but about responsibility. You are not guilty of another’s actions, but you are responsible for accepting them. You have the power and the ability to select the people and the environments that surround you , you have every right to leave links that hurt you.

If you feel unable to do so, if fear paralyzes you, it is that perhaps, unconsciously, you do not feel worthy of something better.

It may be different circumstances that have been an obstacle to developing healthy self-esteem. Maybe your childhood , your family education, your past experiences have led you to have a very harmful self-concept.

You may feel insufficient, inferior, you may feel that your defects overshadow your virtues. Maybe the time has come to start working on you and remember that you are an extremely valuable person.

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