Learning Self-Patience to Move On With Happiness

We got to have self-patience in our life to lead a happy and positive life. It is not the only thing needed to lead a nice life. It is one of the crucial things. We have to learn to control our emotions. Too much of anything is bad, right? We have heard everywhere that patience is important. But has anyone talked to you about self-patience? I reckon the answer is no. Well, self-patience is the art of having patience with self. With our feelings, anxiety etc. Now, how to learn this skill? What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Increase patience: Does waiting in a long queue irritate you? Or, waiting for ordered items bother you so much? Then do these things. When you do them again and again, you will learn to accept that time does not come faster or slower for anyone.

Difficult situations: If you are sure that you are going to have a tough time with someone about something, take time and think about the scene really well and also possible consequences of your actions and good things to say instead.

Self-respect: You gotta have self-respect. When you respect yourselves, you begin to respect your thoughts and feelings. Then you slowly begin to respect other’s feelings. There, you have self- patience now!

Accept it: If anything bad happens, do not make a fuss out of it. Try to analyze it and accept it. Remember that everything happens for a reason.

Stress: A person who is stressful all the time will not have a bit patience. So, do things to reduce stress, like meditation, yoga, going out with loved ones etc.

It sucks to be depressed. We all go through this phase multiple times in our life. These are tests that God put in front of us. Some people give up while others, try again harder. And remember that the world needs only the latter.

Peace out folks!