May you Never Lack the Reasons to Move on

The reasons for moving forward are the stairs that will help us out of any complicated situation . Thus, in the event that these fail or are not, everything usually falls apart.

People need more than vital goals, it is necessary that those goals make full sense to us, that they rise like that internal force capable of giving us encouragement, hope and clear directions.

In recent years, self-help literature focused on working on our motivation has flourished with great momentum  . There is no shortage of the great gurus, those who promise to become people capable of achieving success, happiness and personal fulfillment.

All those goals are respectable, there is no doubt. The scores like them, but sometimes the music is a bit of a tune.

If we know something well from the field of psychology, it is not easy to maintain motivation for a long time. It is not enough to tell a person ” you can do anything you want ,” because in addition to not being true, other dimensions often fail. Thus, even giving someone sophisticated tools to achieve their goals, it is common to give up at some time or even end up doubting their self-efficacy.

This issue, in reality, is more complex than we think because to help someone achieve something, first, we must know where it is from . And, sometimes, we start from the absolute void or from a present in which the past weighs heavily. There where irrational ideas, lack of self-esteem and a delicate personal history abound .

Motivation without motives is useless . The key is therefore to know what we want to fight for it despite the difficulties … despite the past or present adversity.

As of today, do not lack reasons to get ahead

Something that is worth understanding in the first place is that motivation, like the desire, often decays frequently.  Now, this happens is normal, because not every day we have the same level of activation.

There are times when energies fail and tempers are weakened by various circumstances. Thus, far from frowning ourselves for it, there is no choice but to assume it: we are not superheroes, we are people with better and worse times.

However, as long as the desire comes and goes, what must always remain in us are the reasons to move forward . Remember daily what we want and why we want it should always act as that reset button capable of activating when necessary.

Let us know therefore what clues can help us maintain this mentality.

Where do you start from and what do you want?

Every trip starts from one place, from a starting point. Thus, when setting goals and those reasons for which we will encourage and encourage each day, it is necessary to clarify what our current situation is being realistic . It will do us no good, for example, to set ourselves the goal of becoming great musicians if we don’t know how to play any instrument.

Nor can we dream of having a good job in another country if we don’t have training, if we don’t know the language of that area. Therefore, it is good to be clear from where we start and what the path to what we want to achieve should be .

Also, in addition to having that route plan, you have to keep in mind that on that personal trip we made our goals, they are not worth the rush. You have to go step by step, move forward calmly and always learning from the process.

Flexibility and acceptance (your goals may change)

Albert Ellis recognized cognitive psychotherapist and father of rational emotional behavioral therapy pointed out that it is positive to have goals, but there is no reason to follow them rigidly. For what reason? Basically because in the journey of life the needs can change at any given time, although what can never fail are the reasons to move forward.

Your goal may not be long ago, for example, to have a good partner, a partner or partner for life. However, at present that goal has been able to vary due to various circumstances.

Now you start from another reality and that goal is no longer a priority. After several experiences you value other things, but yes, in spite of not having found true love you do not lack reasons to be happy equally , to continue moving forward and growing in well-being.

It is not enough to wish, your motives demand movement and action

So you never lack reasons to move on, it is best not to stop. Despite the difficulties, despite the disappointments, the ideal is to continue accumulating experiences in the backpack. In this way, something that we must understand is that nothing is conquered just by wishing it, because life does not wait, nor does it know magic or tricks, since the true magicians are ourselves .

Move and opportunities will appear. Look around you, get up every time you come down, make your motives your motivation and everyday action the engine with which to achieve everyday goals.

You are all your stories and the ones you still have to write

The past cannot be left behind as someone who hangs an old dress in a closet and closes the doors. Yesterday is part of us, it is integrated into our being and as such we must assume it as experience, as another thread in the fabric of our life cycle.

People are our stories, both past and present and, above all, those that we still have to write. Thus, for these next chapters to become great stories, the reasons for moving forward, for continuing to get excited and feel artists and architects of our own destiny, must not be lacking.

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