Music and Personality: What Connection do they have?

Every urban tribe or youth ideological movement is established based on certain characteristic signs: aesthetics, some more or less outlined ethical principles, but mainly well-defined musical tastes.

The beat generation danced to the rhythm of jazz, the hippie movement heard folk and rock sixties at festivals such as Woodstock, yuppies with Love Over Gold by Dire Straits. Gothic and Emos shudder with dark songs. And these are just a few examples. Music that marked a generation, or music that a youth social movement endorsed.

Music and personality: a real binomial?- Despite what we usually believe, music does not explain our way of being, we use music to see ourselves identified with the vital and political positions that we consider most valid, but there is no close link between that identification and our actions.

It could be noted that the personality of heavy metal fans is very similar to classical music fans, although their study does clarify that the latter have self-esteem greater than the first, on average. So, although the musical styles differ to a great extent, not to mention the clothes that each musical style proposes, the classics and the hairy ones could be categorized within the same psychological profile.

Personality: a complex and multicausal concept- Therefore, the psychic state is aprioristic, and from this, each individual is allowed to conquer by that music that fits with his personality. Sometimes, listening to music with melodies or depressing lyrics in the ears of someone does not mean that it is a trigger to depress many of their listeners, but, on the contrary, sometimes this type of music helps overcome low mood moments.