The Danger of Making Decisions from a Feeling of Lack

We have to face numerous decision-making, some of them so relevant that they can define our future. It is clear that at all times we try to make the choice that, we believe, suits us best. However, sometimes we maintain a feeling of lack that drives us to decide for the wrong reasons. 

It is not always easy to realize that it is that inner emptiness that moves us. But once you become aware, you find the freedom to build your path hoping for the best , not fearing the worst .

Therefore, in this article we will give the keys to identify and eliminate this great obstacle.

The feeling of lack in daily decisions

We have all faced vital situations that make us unhappy, but from which we find ourselves unable to leave . A work that displeases and overflows us, an interested and selfish friendship, a couple that hurts us . Surely in countless occasions we have considered changing that reality, but something keeps us in it: the feeling of lack.

Rationally we can justify our decision thinking that, in the end, it compensates. That is not so much. But the underlying thought that we fail to detect is: I must conform because I cannot opt ​​for anything better . I must continue in this job that wears out my health because I won’t find another one. I have to endure this unbalanced friendship because, if not, I will be alone. I can’t leave my partner, even if it hurts me, because who else would want to be with me?

These thoughts are really hard and, therefore, it is difficult to accept that we have them. It is not easy to recognize that, deep down, we do not feel deserving of something better . However, until we do so, self-sabotage will continue to keep us stuck in situations that make us suffer.

Decide from abundance

When we make decisions with a feeling of lack of foundation, we choose with fear. Fear of something worse coming, fear of running out of anything for trying to achieve something else. The natural alternative to this process is decision making from the feeling of abundance.

Choose with optimism, hope and conviction . Knowing deserving of a good life and healthy relationships and acting to provide them.

From this approach, the person is not afraid to release the spine he is holding on to. He understands that there are other opportunities for him and that, in any case, it is better to remain empty-handed than full of wounds.

The individual in that position has enough self-esteem and self-confidence to say “no .” He knows his worth so well that he does not remain in places where it is not recognized.

How to eliminate the feeling of lack?

To prevent this feeling from dominating our decisions, we have to work fundamentally on two aspects: self-esteem and optimism. When we resign, when we settle for fear, we are not loving each other .

Self-esteem consists in forging a healthy relationship with oneself, in which respect and support prevail. Loving you is more complicated than allowing your limits to be transgressed, to let pass behaviors that harm you. The key to finding the strength that drives you to seek and expect what you deserve is self-esteem.

On the other hand, optimism is essential to generate positive expectations regarding the future. Our mind is one of the greatest limiting elements: it convinces us that there are no other options, that we cannot opt ​​for what we want. When we develop optimism , we regain our power as owners of our future , we stop seeing ourselves as victims of circumstances to begin to feel capable.

Work daily to modify the messages you address, do not listen to limiting statements, get out of lack. Start talking about your ability, your courage and your courage. Empower yourself and get motivated to get out of what hurts you and head towards what you want, to believe that you deserve it .

Start by taking care of yourself and respecting yourself, in such a way that it is inconceivable to accept an environment that does not love and respect you in the same way. Start deciding from hope, abundance and merit, instead of fear, insecurity and lack .