The grape exercise happens to relax in a short time

There is much talk about the benefits of meditation, but sometimes we think it is too complex or demanding to put into practice. The exercise of the raisin is proof that this is not true. It is a simple activity, which does not take much time and helps you relax in a few minutes.

The grape raisin exercise is a training technique to develop concentration  and mindfulness, but also to practice breathing . In all forms of meditation, the action of breathing is essential, since the rest depends on it.

It is important to know that the exercise of raisins is especially recommended for those who do not have much experience with meditation. It helps you to familiarize yourself with such practices and it is advisable to carry it out when you feel a lot of anguish or have had a difficult experience .

Breath first

Breathing management is basic in any relaxation exercise. By breathing correctly, your whole organism is oxygenated, particularly your brain, and this is the basis for your body and mind to start functioning at a  quieter pace .

Typically, you breathe quickly and shallowly. Even if you don’t notice it, this is because you are aware of many things at the same time and you are not really connected with your body. If you manage to stop for a moment and breathe deeply, it is as if the mind and emotions set an anchor that gives you stability.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you breathe  through your nose and with your mouth tightly closed . A correct breath is nasal and never with parted lips. Also, to inspire and expire deeply your belly should move and present changes.

It is best to start simply by focusing your attention  on the way you breathe. Do not try to control or change breathing. That desire to want to control everything or do everything correctly is an obstacle. Naturally and spontaneously, attending to your breathing will cause it to become somewhat slower.

Grape exercise passes

The exercise of the raisin is actually very simple. To do it, in principle, you need only three raisins. What you have to do is go to a quiet place, where you are alone and know that they will not interrupt you. Then, simply take one of the raisins and eat it, doing it just as you are born to do it.

The second part of the exercise involves concentrating on your breathing and then taking the second grape passes. This time do not do it mechanically, but from the moment it enters your mouth try to perceive the texture, taste and different properties of the raisin .

Take your time and chew slowly, trying to perceive how the fruit passes through your mouth, your tongue, your teeth, the palate, the throat … Try to track as far as possible.

Finally, you should only take the third raisin, but before taking it to your mouth, watch it carefully . Feel it slowly to feel its texture; smell it with your eyes closed to capture its aroma. If it seems appropriate, stop it. Then take it to your mouth, without following any particular scheme. Just do it as you feel. And that’s it.

The meaning of the exercise

Meditation seeks to mitigate and curb the ideas and emotions that are in your mind . However, this is not easy to achieve, since we constantly live invaded by them. In fact, we initially reject the possibility of emptying the mind.

The exercise of the grape passes is a training so that, little by little, we achieve the goal of eradicating those ideas and those emotions that are invading the mind . By focusing attention on a single point and bringing that contemplative act to its fullest expression, we clear ourselves and this produces a sense of tranquility and renewal.

If we are very upset, this exercise is an excellent way to regain calm . Actually, it can be carried out with any fruit, but the raisin is highly recommended because it is small and has many properties of smell, taste, etc. Try this exercise sometime and see for yourself if it is effective or not.

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