Top 10 Skills for a Happy Life

Sometimes we mistakenly think that happiness is a matter of chance. This is not true . In reality, that global well-being we call happiness is mainly the result of work. We can develop skills for a happy life, no matter how good or bad it happens to us.

It is clear that in everyone’s life path there is a random component. In principle, we are not the owners of the circumstances and we cannot mold them at will. However, when we develop the skills for a happy life, we find the way to address those circumstances in the most constructive way possible.

The skills for a happy life are not talents from the other world. They have to do with educating our mind so that finding the path of well-being  is a more autonomous task . The determining skills for this are as follows.

A happy life…

1. Happiness is also planned

We all talk about happiness , but not everyone would know how to define it. Likewise, we may have a global concept of happiness, but we cannot achieve it in specific situations.

So the first of the skills for a happy life is to develop our own concept of well-being; not only in general, but referred to the specific areas or aspects in which we operate.

2. Focus on growth, one of the skills for a happy life

Challenging ourselves brings us closer to happiness. Conformism is a sign that we are invaded by fear or lack of motivation.

Taking on challenges , instead, revitalizes us and puts a touch of flavor to what we do . Wanting to be better and doing what is necessary to achieve it increases our satisfaction with life.

3. Learn to see the best of everything

By conservation instinct we tend to focus more on the negative than on the positive of the situations. Therefore, it is not easy to learn to see the best of each person or each situation.

The most advisable thing is to let those negative approaches emerge, but immediately count them with optimistic approaches  and stick with them.

4. Be able to trust yourself

One of the great skills for a happy life is self-confidence . To develop it, nothing better than to become the best friend of ourselves .

Let us leave constant self-criticism aside, forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make or for not immediately achieving what we want. Let us be self-compassionate and try to understand each other, not to judge ourselves.

5. Balance between the different dimensions of life

Work is an important part of life, but not life itself. It is good that we dedicate a good part of our time, but we cannot allow it to become the axis around which everything else revolves.

We are happier when we experience not one, but many facets of our being. The couple, friends, family, health and creation must have an irreplaceable place.

6. Develop resilience

This is one of the most important skills for a happy life. It has to do with the ability to recover and grow, after you’ve had a setback.

Sometimes, it takes time, sometimes it costs a lot of effort, but, in short, it is a capacity that we can all develop with enough will and work.

Resilience, in turn, increases self-confidence and there is security. That is, we carry three for the price of one.

7. Fight against automatisms

We are all full of mental, emotional and physical automatisms. Sometimes, they help us make life simpler, but at other times they are mechanical actions that only lead us to discomfort. It is good to observe us to detect if this is happening.

If so, a good idea is to start by changing the physical automatisms of the behaviors we want to eradicate, and then continue with the mental and emotional ones.

8. Find a purpose

Most of us know that life is more interesting and enjoyable when we have a purpose to fight for. The problem is that we don’t always find that great existential purpose.

Perhaps it is best to let ourselves be led by our spontaneous impulses towards small immediate purposes. Surely, these will lead us to discover those great goals for life.

9. Practice goodness

Perhaps you have already noticed that the kindest people are also the happiest. On the other hand, those who are filled with bitterness are also the most selfish and sometimes cruel.

Being kind to others causes us a feeling of deep and lasting happiness. The bliss that produces a positive impact on the lives of others is priceless.

10. Build healthy relationships

The feeling of happiness is only full when it is shared. Relationships with others are fundamental to personal well-being. The best way to build them is to value each one for what they are and how they are, respecting and being grateful for what they give us.

These 10 skills for a happy life do not develop overnight . It takes work, perseverance and decision.

Finally, it is likely that we will not achieve that type of idealized and total happiness, but we will surely reach a much higher level of well-being and an important degree of satisfaction with existence.